Puerh Storage Concerns


Any parent worries about their child and any farmer worries about his crops.  Why should the matter differ for the one storing puerh?  Yesterday, I decided to check out one of the cakes I’ve been storing for about a year-and-a-half.

Fresh out of the box, this ’13 cake looked, smelled, and tasted top notch.  After several mths, I reached for it again, finding it flat, with a taste of crayola.  More recently, I received an ’05 Ba Jiao Ting which was similarly flat, which I also attributed to storage.  This is not a matter of humid storage, but what seems to possibly be stuffy storage.

Both cakes, along with a few others, were transferred to the more capacious storage vessel and allowed to sit for a little over a month.  The crayola effect has completely vanished from the ’13 and the ’05 is sufficiently old where some of that is to be expected.  It is certainly a better-tasting puerh, possessing considerably more depth and intensity.  It is definitely a production in line with the grade and reputation of the the company.

It seems that storing is a far more forgiving process than one would expect.  Productions old and young were resuscitated in little over a month of more ideal storage.  I suppose that this transfer is akin to letting the tea sit out for a duration before drinking.  It’s a relief to know that storage can be so flexible.


by Yang-chu