September Special


September Special


September Special: 2 Ripe, 2 Raw

The ’06 Lang He Ripe Tuo (100g) is an exceptional production that has slipped beneath the radar of the hoarders.  The wet-style fermentation is evident in this production, which is not over-powering but nevertheless surprising for this factory.  Spectacular clarity with a camphor finish.  Minerals that calm are accented with potent herbal notes evocative of anise, artemisia annua (absinthe), and/or pine.  Comes with time-stamped and lovely box.

The 2010 Year of Tiger from the Lancang Ancient Tea Company is a mouthful to say the least.  The Kunming storage is especially cruel to those who are anxious, but over the time that I’ve been storing and in accepting a production on its proper terms, I’ve come to see why this company is highly regarded.  Not for the faint-of-heart.  20g.

A farewell to summer can be properly marked by imbibing in the ’14 Naked Mahei, which was recently revisited here.  Mahei is in the region of the Six Traditional Mountains designated during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).  The taste profile is characterized by being gentle.  There should be no bitterness but astringency is pronounced.  Florality varies from one production to the next.  Two dragon pearls, approx 8g.

The Little Yellow Mark is a funk-free ripe that could be nicknamed “Jovial.”  There is light peaches in the aroma along with bread, which switches to bready cured hay wet.  Sweet and delightful.  The finish is peachy, some beet green in there.  The broth plays round and silky in the mouth.  The zing common to many ripes is quite muted here but there’s a bit of tingle at the blade of the tongue where it touches just behind the teeth. 60g.

A proper tea session ranges from 6-10g of tea depending on your tastes.