Mid-Autum Oct Specials


In 2012 Yangpin Hao introduced their Mid-Autum commemorative.  Strong talc and dry notes here with a quality that carries over from its raw form.  Include a 20g. sample of the 2012 Dragon, which is an exquisite Yangpin Hao raw for comparison. 200g brick. $45. Two available. Kunming stored.

The 2008 Nan-zhao Imperial is you like your regality with a blast of camphor.  30g sample $10.  400g cake and gift box $180.  Two each available.

I have some unlisted Yunnan Gold from 2016 that I picked up from my recent trip.  It is in the form of jinluo or what might be translated into “golden swirls.”  This is pure bud material probably from Jinggu, where most is produced.  It is delicate but familiar to the Western palate.  Five available.  30g/$19.50.