2013 Peacock G Puerh


Peacock puerh from Bingdao transformed before its years.  Zowie!

The PeacockGentleman Puerh is a translation for “junzi,” the Confucian ideal of the perfected person. This offering is 100% Bing Dao material, being one of the more popular (read expensive) terriors these days. A slight smoky aroma is detectable in the dry and wet leaves, though not in the taste which is lively, sweet, floral, fruity, with very slight astringency. Prevailing aroma is of apricots. Huigan is uplifting, sweet, and gentle, marks of a true Gentleman. Perfect for the summer months.

Update Dec 2017

Many puerh productions will enter the market only to vanish within an instant and emerge only years later.  Those are probably the famous factories and the boutique outfits with cashe among the big-ballers in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

What many productions will transform into and in what time frame under what conditions is a mystery.  This production was acquired for its wrapper.  It has transformed from purely fruity to spicey and exhilarating. like a spicely papaya salad.  The character seems to have deepened with age.

This 2013 puerh cake has been stored in LA since 2014.  It is rather hard to conceive how fruity has evolved into jalapeno.  Based on the storage that has already occurred, this production will provide a continuously surprising experience even as it changes.




30g, 357g


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