2013 CNNP Blue Puerh


Sample of premium CNNP production from 2013

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The 2013 CNNP Blue Mark puerh cake is one of Zhongcha’s premium releases for that year.  It is comprised of high mountain tall and old arbor with spring tips.  The production is hand made and stone pressed, following traditional processing and production methods.

I have a few 15g samples for those interested in CNNP’s top productions.  Kunming Tea Factory cakes differ from their bricks.  Cakes tend to be very genteel and express a deceptive level of character can be easily missed if one is looking for obvious explosions of taste in the liquor.  Often the most remarkable attributes are evident in the viscosity, durability, and lingering huigan.  Raw CNNP bricks is entirely a different story.

CNNP cakes are not stored to mellow harshness.  Storage is to let an architecture of flavors to develop from the base material.  A production of this sort is unfinished material, much as dough is to bread.