2012 Yunnan’s 26 Minorities, Longyuan 1350g


Limited production tribute to the tea tribes of Yunnan.

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Longyuan Hao has a bit of a reputation for producing thematic puerh productions.  The Yunnan 26 Minorities set is one such offering from 2012, with a limited production of 3600 numbered units.  As tradition states, tea comes to us courtesy one of the tribes from the ancient state of Shu (??- 316 bce).  This raw collection, comprised of 27 mini bricks of 50g, details the modern day expression of those tribes.  Each mini brick features a particular minority.  On the reverse side is a passage about the importance of tea to that group’s economy, culture, and identity.

The Yunnan 26 Minorities set is packed in an impressively durable folding box that fastens with magnets.   Inspiration for the design is clearly from book making of old, where multiple volumes would be enclosed in cases of this sort.  The “binding” is very clearly marked and the cover is affected with some shiny, glittery details.