2012 Peacock Bitter Puerh


Sweet, bitter, and powerfully astringent.  Distinctive mineral taste.

The 2012 Peacock Bitter Puerh should not let it’s attractive label deceive you.  Dry and wet, this approaching-middle-age-puerh has a caramelized honey with minerals, maybe gold, aroma.  It is intensely sweet in the fashion of saccharine, where sweet fades to bitter with lingering effects of bitterness.  Lots of mineral tastes come through, something like slate and iron, not a high-note tin.  Very quickly the mouth-feel fades to extreme astringency without any fizz.  The astringency overpowers the emerging fragrance, which comes on quite slowing.

At the time of pressing, Yapu was one of the top 10 puerh producers by volume.  They have a shop in Kunming, where we were introduced to an exquisite Jingmai production.  2012 Peacock Bitter, actual name Golden Peacock, has been Kumning dry-stored for 2 ys and LA dry-stored since 2014.

This puerh cake is more about peacocks than puerh, imho.



30g, 357g


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