2012 Dragon HM Puerh


The essence of sweet ginger cookies.

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Puerhs older than five might start showing their aging potential and trajectory.  The 2012 Golden Dragon is already exhibiting pronounced spice notes evocative of sweet ginger cookies.  Such young productions are usually not this spicy.  It has a profile similar to the Fuhai 7536, if that helps.  There’s no taste of greenness, flowers, or medicine, just warming complexity, like a newly discovered blend of horchata.  There is a good deal of smokiness as well.

The 2012 Golden Dragon has been dry-stored in Kunming and Los Angeles.  Haoming is a kitschy puerh factory that places a fair amount of attention on capturing popular Chinese themes through their art.  You’ll obviously want to show you tea associates this wrapper, especially if you’re a Dragon.