2012 Ailao Puerh


Spicy, fruity, durable, thick.

The 2012 Ailao Puerh sample comes from an outfit I ran into in Kunming.  They’re Buddhist inspired, using no pesticides and not even rinsing their tea.  They offer one raw and one ripe and have a bit of a following in Shanghai and Sichuan.

This Ailao Puer has been dry-stored since arriving in ’17 where conditions tend to be warmer than Kunming.  No item in the collection has a more explosive tropical fruitiness.  The liquor is rich and sweet.  It has gan.  It’s mouth watering and cheeky with a pleasant measure of astringency coupled with the bubble gum taste of jackfruit.  There is also a kick of spice in the aftertaste, a shade of ginger maybe.