2010 Year of Tiger 250g, Lancang


Vanilla and a floral aroma translate into a round-bodied brew that finishes with a kick of astringency.

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Here’s a middle-aged puerh tuo from 2010 from a well-recognized Chinese luxury brand.  Lancang productions tend to be intensely floral and aggressive.  The Tiger is no exception, and is sure to appeal to the Western drinker who likes their brew to smack them around a bit.

The 2010 Tiger is a 250g puerh tuo pressed with obvious care, being neither too tight nor too loose.  It is pressed gently enough where good conditions will allow it to transform fairly quickly.  Some of the granny smith aroma that was noticeable three years ago is starting to fade a bit and the granny smith sour is now tasting more like apple pie with all the spices included.  Throughout vanilla and flowers prevail.