2007 Prince of Banna, Long Yuan Hao


A gentle award-winning blend 400g.

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Long Yuan tea has some of the most interesting thematic and commemorative productions.  The 2007 Prince of Banna is such an example. “Banna” is a Mandarin transliteration for the Thai phrase pan (village) na (rice paddy) and the wrapper features a picture of the Dai prince of the 12 (Thai: sipsong, Chinese transliteration: xishuang) autonomous villages laying astride the Mekong river.  Ostensibly that’s a shot of him and his court.  The Dai are one of the 22 ethnic tribes living in Yunnan.

This particular blend won the gold metal at Guang Zhou International Tea Expo in 2006.  It possesses a delicate taste with medium thickness and gentle aroma.  The prevailing flavor is vanilla, with hints of camphor at the edges.  The aftertaste is lightly astringent.  This selection definitely brews best in an yixing teapot.  Completely dry stored in Yunnan.