2013 Wan Gong Organic


A real steal for Wan Gong material.

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The ’13 Wan Gong Organic puerh has been well-stored in Los Angeles since coming on the market.  With moisture and heat it has developed a very nice character, though it doesn’t last so long and the astringency.  True to the Wan Gong character, this is throughly genteel.  Quality will be judged by thickness, sweetness, and ethereality of taste.

This Wan Gong offering is pressed perfectly, not too tight nor too loose, with whole autumn leaves left intact. It has the typical gentle vegetal taste of Yiwu material. The broth is light and clear with mild sweetness and astringency.  Conventional wisdom is that aging is for letting harsh material settle.  However Yiwu material has the reputation of improving with age.



15g, 357g


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