11 Fruit Monster Puerh


Tropical tutti-fruiti tatste with lemon, smoke, and pencil shavingsy kerosene

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This is one of those “what do you get when you combine an oppressively tropical tutti-fruiti tatste with lemon, smoke, and pencil shavingsy kerosene?”  Why, the ’11 Fruit Monster Puerh, of course.  This is one of those, can’t make up one’s mind whom to offend most productions.

Brew time and temperature produce vastly different effects.

Don’t know the taste of tutti-fruiti?  Think: Juicy Fruit combined with 1 cent bubble gum and a little banana, jackfruit, and mango.  Voila!  Sometimes with puerh you might ask yourself, “Is that bubble gum I taste?”  You won’t be wondering with the 11 Fruit Monster!  Gather round the campfire, because you don’t have a choice, and here, have some more bubble gum and wash it down with this kerosene.

You know those Russians and Iranians you have over who complain of “weak tea”?  Give them this and shut them up… forever.

I’m pretty sure that the Simao Tea Factory is an official factory from back in the days of the monopoly, factory #5 to be precise.  That means they don’t play.  If you’re a weenie, avoid this.

Storage and pressing with this treasure are at a level where it doesn’t enter one’s calculus.  As of 2018 stored in Los Angeles, California.



15g, 30g