‘07 Beijing Olympics, Kunming Tea Factory (CNNP)


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’07 Beijing Olympics has already entered a more mature stage.  There is no fresh florality.  The leaves are chopped with bits of twig here and there.  There seems to be a measure of inconsistency from one cake to another in terms of pressing density, sometimes altogether too tight.  Still this is a very pleasing Kunming Tea Factory, aka Zhong Cha, creation.

Here’s a word of brewing advice.  After waking the leaves, let it sit over night.  You might sneak in a few rounds after letting it sit for 20 minutes or so, but let it sit.  The next day you’ll be able to taste the magic.  The early rounds are of honey but further in there is a vast musky fruitiness of cantaloupe.  The broth will clear up and the true light bronziness will show.  The fruit taste lingers in the mouth for a moderate spell.  There is only bit of tannins.  There is no bitter.  Longer infusion times are not a concern.  The broth is of a light to medium viscosity.

It has been dry stored, though transformation has been steady, not pushed.  It is durable, yet subtle.  There a little bit of numbing on the blade of the tongue.  Over all it is a worthwhile and distinctive experience.  In the same taste profile of ten-year commemorative of Hong Kong returns and ’12 Chen Yun Green Cake.




30g, 357g