‘07 “T861″, Tulin Brand


Humid-stored production with characteristic medicinal camphor notes melded perfectly with the grounding taste of mushroom.

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Good!  Intense Mt Wuliang medicinal aroma intermeshed with humid-stored mushroominess.  Just get a gander of that liquor.  Sparkly clear, bronze.  Spectacularly humid stored.  The humidity and the camphor dance together.  Less aggressive than the ’06 Silver Buds.  Less medicinal, more civil, social, a cross between the Silver Buds and the T868.  Yes, there that hint of Lancang hongcha in there, particularly in the huigan.  The astringency attacks the cheeks but not the whole face.  See?  Social.

Tastes vary greatly on the matter of humidity.  Without a good deal of humidity, however, the production just gets old. This can be good in its own right.  Timid humidity won’t give you that mushroomy goodness, but it will at least ensure that the sugars in the leaf develop.  “Humid-stored” here stands in distinction to “wet-stored”, where the taste of humidity dominates and the microbial taste takes several months to air out as opposed to a few weeks.  Also, the taste is considerably ranker in a wet-stored creation.

The obvious advantage to humid storage is that the production cures much more quickly than dry-stored.  The “T861” is well beyond its days of youth.  The sugars are well developed.  In fact, they never remain present from one infusion to the next. The medium-pitched camphor notes ooze from the tuo.  There is even some bits of sandalwood noticeable on the second day of infusion.  Sure, it can store but it is ready for drinking now.