07 Peacock Puerh Cake


07 Middle-aged puerh.  Signature Liming taste.

The 07 Peacock Puerh Cake is a meaty and emblematic Liming productions.  Smoke combines with not too many tips and a remarkable “gan” for a thoroughly filling and grounding session.  Liming original material is very solid.  Similar to Xiaguan productions, Liming material tends to reveal a rocky mineral nature as you progress through many infusions.  This strikes me as an exceptional value for this taste profile given the quality of the raw material and the fact that Liming is a traditional Zhongcha factory.

Liming/Ba Jiao Ting is the last of the commune factories.  Whereas CNNP factory number designation is #1, Liming factory is #4.  It has a house character that is not entirely different from Xiaguan, factory #3.  Liming is most known for their cakes.

This sample is sufficient to let you know if you’d care to purchase the whole cake from another site.