’07 CNNP HK Puer Tuo


CNNP tuo from ’07.  Fruity and lively.  Still young.  Totally drinkable now.

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The ’07 CNNP HK Tuo is the same of gentle raw production that you’ve come to expect from the Kunming Tea Factory.  I haven’t quite gotten my head around the ’07 Zhongcha tributes as they all have varied in some regard based on shape.  I cannot say with regard to material the tastes vary between the three, with the cake being wheaty-tippish, the tuo being fruity and childlike and the square being a trip to camphorated medicine-shop forrest.  There is a 250g brick I’ve yet to sample and some super commemoratives as well.

Update 03/’17
This was a standby for me when in Bangkok and Vietnam, where gong-fu brewing is difficult.  It is youngest ten-year tea in the Puerh Junky collection.  Light and conducive to hot conditions.  Still very satisfying. No bitterness lots of gan.  Will store excellently or can be drunk presently.