’06 Langhe Menghai Tuo Cha


The cha-qi of the younger ’12 Menghai Shu Bing is much stronger.  It is a much headier selection, perhaps due to its youth.  The chocolate notes and richness are greater in that one as well.  By contrast, the ’06 Menghai Tuo is lighter, more ephemeral and refined.

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This is a slightly older example of Langhe up to it old tricks. The ’06 Langhe Menghai Tuo possesses as deep an earthiness as any Langhe I’ve sampled.  As it opens up, there is a light camphor explosion in the huigan.

True to other Langhe productions, the liquor is clear with a deep red color.  The warm wet aroma evokes a sense of leather with a dash of camphor.  Cool, the aroma is sweet and camphory.  It tastes as it smells, possessing a light and sugary sweetness with a mustiness at the edges from a hint of wet-storage.  The taste of oldness is pervasive.

This is one of the finest ripes in the Puerh Junky