05 Peacock Puerh Cake


Sample of tippy middle-aged puerh.

The ’05 Peacock Puerh Cake is a middle-age puerh comprised of explosively fragrant spring material.  It is full of old libraries and bitterness on the front end that disappears into a full mouth of orchids.  It has been dry-stored in Kunming up until two years ago where it has been LA stored.

From the years ’01-’07ish, the fashion in puerh cakes was toward very tight compression.  Keep this in mind when you get your sample.

Liming/Ba Jiao Ting is the last of the commune factories.  Whereas Kunming Tea Factory number designation is #1, Liming factory is #4.  It has a house character that is not entirely different from Xiaguan, factory #3.  Liming is most known for their cakes.