Bing Dao Report Mar 2017

Bing Dao TangI

The Yapu 2010 Bing Dao Wang is an excellent score.  I’ve written about it before, yet it still merits visiting.  An honest nine infusions in and it seems to be a wee better than half exhausted.  In Kunming I didn’t taste any Yiwu or Bing Dao that is as soft as this Yapu Bing Dao Wang.

As it ages, it seems to be getting more syrupy.  The liquor is golden and crystal clear.  Tastes like sweet mineral water with a light fragrance of some fleeting flower.  Its gentility explains how it could become so popular in metropolises in China.

Storage and aging is an unfolding with every cake.  So far, things for this Bing Dao have been perfect.  There’s no storage taste in the leaves so it’s a pure experience.  The cake is packed  less densely than most and leaves look lush in the pot.

by Yang-chu